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7 Career Decisions Way More Popular Than MBA

7 Career Decisions Way More Popular Than MBA

The last time you made a career choice you were perhaps 16 or 17. Many of you were sure about what you wanted to do, while some of you preferred to follow your friends.

While some others, like me, chose a bachelor’s degree course because it was different from what my friends were doing.

Whatever was the reason, that time is gone and here you stand with a graduation degree in your hand. Now, you gotta face another dilemma, i.e. what next?

MBA is and has been in vogue for a long time now. And I am sure, it must be somewhere in your mind too. But I urge you to stop, evaluate, and then make a decision. Forget about last time. But this time, don’t rush into things.

A report by  mba.com Prospective Students Survey states that MBA is still the most chosen master’s degree among the students. But there has been a decrease in prospective students compared to 2014.

Also, the report shows an increase in the number of students considering specialized masters’ program.

The analysis was based on the behavior of over 10,000 prospective business school students who registered on mba.com, the portal for GMAT exam, between October 2014 and September 2015. The analysis explored different aspects of individuals interested in pursuing graduate management education.

Key findings of the report are as follows:

  • 50% of the registered candidates chose only MBA as their masters’ program.
  • 28% opted for both MBA and a specialized masters’ degree. Whereas 23% of the students opted for only specialized masters’ programs.
  • Though MBA is still the most preferred program, there has been an increase in the number of students looking for specialized masters’ programs, which was earlier 15%.
  • On an average, prospective students consider 2.8 program types, such as full-time two-year MBA, or full-time one-year MBA, or Master of Finance. This is lower than the median of 3.1 program types considered in 2014.

Key findings of the MBA as a career

To read the full report: Click here

Think wisely before making any decision. Ask yourself:

  1. Where does your true interest lie?
  2. Why do you want to do what you want to do?
  3. What expectations you have from it?
  4. How much time will it take?
  5. How will you do it? What’s the plan?
  6. Do you have a backup plan?
  7. What future do you fancy for yourself?

And by the time you’ll answer these questions, you would also want to know some other career prospects that you can go for instead of MBA.

Have a look at them and choose the best for you.

  • Go For A Specialization

If you are choosing MBA because business and management is your true calling, you should definitely consider other available options. For instance: you can go for M.A. in Finance, Management, Marketing, or Accountancy.

If you know about your interests, then choosing a specialized master course would be easy. And if not, then do a fair amount of research before enrolling.

What are the things that you should check before choosing a postgraduate course?

While planning your master’s degree look for:

  • It’s demand in future.
  • Prospective employers.
  • The institutions offering that course.
  • The cost of pursuing that course.
  • Learn a Foreign Language

Increased international exposure of businesses has led to an increase in demand for foreign language professionals. Today, a degree in a foreign language opens ample of lucrative job avenues. And the job opportunities show an upsurge in future.

Also, learning a foreign language is much cheaper than MBA. There are plenty of institutions and free online resources that offer courses in top foreign languages.

  • Pursue A Certification Course

There are several  pertinent certificate courses that could leverage your business career. For example, you could pursue certification as a financial planner or management accountant.

Instead of going for MBA, pursuing a certificate course gives you specialization in a particular field.

  • Freelancing

Freelancing is a Career Decision Way More Popular Than MBA

Rather than investing a huge amount of time and money in MBA, explore your skills and hone them. Freelancing offers ample of such opportunities.  All you have to do is find out the skills that you have or are interested in.

Freelancing gives the opportunity to learn while you earn. Also, it comes with an additional benefit of the flexibility of time and place.

For instance- if you are good at coding or other skills like web designing then find the prospective customers and work for them. 

  • Start Your Own Business

Pursuing MBA involves huge investment with uncertain returns. No, I am not saying that having an MBA degree will not land you in a good job ever. But yes, when will you get that good job or will it be good enough? Well, I do have doubts about that.

Also, more surety demands a lot of investment. That means employers generally choose MBA professionals who have done MBA from recognized institutions.

So, instead of investing money in MBA, you can start your own business. Of course, it isn’t a piece of cake. Strong dedication, the right plan, and concrete strategies can certainly result into something fruitful.

  • Teaching

Often underrated, teaching, too, is a felicitous option to go for. Even if you have done your graduation in management, you can choose this option.

Starting with a b.ed degree you can proceed to do master’s in a subject of your choice. Subject and the level till which you wish to teach solely depends on your choice and interest. You can either be a school teacher or a professor in a college.

  • Copywriting


Copywriters are among the highest paid writers in the world. And with everything going online, copywriting is among the most thriving career prospects of the times.

You do not require any specific qualification to become a copywriter. It’s all about your skills and interest. Basically, there are three types of copywriters, namely, Agency copywriter, Corporate copywriter, and Freelance copywriter.

It depends on your skills and interest that what type of copywriter you wish to become. And in the coming future, there will be no dearth of job opportunities for copywriters.

It’s time to broaden your mindset and career goals. There are a lot more interesting and flourishing career prospects beyond MBA. All you have to do is: focus on your interest, skills, and gather sufficient information about the same.

There are ample of options other than MBA that will assure you a bright future. So, make a wise decision and do what’s right for you.

Good Luck!

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