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7 Best Countries To Study Engineering Abroad

7 Best Countries To Study Engineering Abroad

Are you planning to study engineering abroad?

That’s fantastic.

You are about to take one of the most exciting and life altering decisions. And most of the alterations here are going to be positive and thrilling.

Do you know why?

Because, studying engineering abroad will:

  • Make you trump the boundaries set by race, religion, and nationality. And realize that you share one trait with every other human being in the world- and that is ‘humanity.’

Barack Obama, once said, ‘Simple exchanges can break down walls between us for when people come together and speak to one another and share a common experience, then their common humanity is revealed.’

  • Let you explore a new culture.

I know that there are various other ways to savvy a new society, its lifestyle and customs. Reading a book. Searching the web. Watching movies. However, studying abroad is once in a lifetime opportunity to submerge into a new culture.

  • You can always make travel plans later in life. But, this time is the best time. Because you are young. And more receptive. When else will you get the chance to explore the streets, binge into the delicacies, learn a new dialect, and savour the festivals like now?
  • Help you build a ground for your future.

People have a fondness for settling in exotic locations. And why not start the process with the country you are studying in? While studying in a country, you will get to explore all the relevant job possibilities.

  • Let you make international friends.

While studying abroad, you don’t only make friends with the natives, but also other international students. And you embrace multiple cultures, at the same time.

  • Let you gather memories that you are going to relish- all through your life.

Let’s learn the thrilling perks of studying abroad from someone who has experienced it.

Despite all these merits, the idea of studying abroad seems far-fetched to many.  Because of high tuition fees and cost of living.

But the good part is that this problem also bothers the countries. And this is why many countries have come up with different scholarship programmes to attract more and more international students.

Besides, the Indian government and some other private institutions have started offering educational loans to aid students in realizing their dreams.

Now, let’s see the 7 best countries to study Engineering abroad:

  1. Australia
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
  4. Singapore
  5. Taiwan
  6. The United Kingdom
  7. The United States of America
  • Study Engineering In Australia

Study Engineering In Australia

Australian cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Auckland, and Brisbane are among the top 25 student cities– based on factors like university rankings, affordability, and job opportunities.

The country’s population is nearly 23 million. Even then, it is among the top 5 countries that attract the most international students. At present, Australia’s international student population is nearly 5 lakhs.

Australian education is recognized worldwide. Students completing higher studies in the country can smoothly find job opportunities anywhere in the world.

The country also offers scholarship opportunities for international students. Besides, the country allows international students to work a maximum of 40 hours per two weeks.

The standard of living in the country is excellent. And the cost of living and education is much less than that in USA and UK.

According to Times Higher Education (THE) ’s world university rankings for 2016-17, the top 5 Australian universities for engineering are:

  • Study Engineering In Germany

Study Engineering In Germany

Germany, the land of idea, is another great destination to study Engineering abroad. It is also one of the cheapest countries to study abroad. The country offers high quality education at nominal or no cost

The best part about the country’s education system is that there are no quotas based on nationalities, gender, caste, etc. Students are provided admission solely on the basis of their academic excellence. However, it also leads to aggressive competition.

In Germany, most programmes are taught in English, so not knowing German is not much of a problem. However, learning the language will always be better. It will help you find training, internship, or job opportunities in the country.

Now, according to THE’s rankings for 2016-17, the top 5 German universities for engineering are:

  • Study Engineering In Russia

Study Engineering In Russia

Earlier, Russia was more popular among medical students. However, engineering students have also started to look for prospects in the country.

The quality of education offered by Russia is at par with countries like USA, UK, and Canada. But, the prices are much cheaper. But, the reason students still prefer UK, USA, and Canada to Russia is that the population of Indians in Russia is quite less than these countries.

That is because the country does not offer handsome wages to its workforce. But if we put this fact aside, there are numerous advantages of studying in the country.

Each year, Russia offers several thousand scholarships for foreign students. And the country is one of the few countries to do so.

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Besides, for Indian students, getting a Russian visa is much easier than getting a visa to other countries. Also, studying in the country gives you the opportunity to learn Russian- one of the most famous languages in the world.

Michael J. Gorbatov, Vice-Consul of Consulate General of Russia, said that while  94-95% of Russian students qualify for higher education in the country, in case of Indian students (applying for higher education in Russia), the percentage is 95-97%.

C. Ravi Chandran, managing director of Study Abroad, an authorised education consultant for Russia informed that Russian universities offer special training programmes for the candidates who are unable to cope with the curriculum. Also, such candidates are given three chances to pass the semester.

Apart from all this, Russian students enjoy myriad of other benefits. They get significant discounts on transport costs, shopping, travel costs, hostel costs, hotel accommodation, etc.

Some of the best engineering institutes in the country are:

  • Study Engineering In Singapore

Study Engineering In Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s top 3 safest cities. The country is famous for its strict law, which contributes to its extremely low crime rate.

National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University are among the top 20 universities in the world for Engineering.

The country has an exciting night life. Though it might be one of the world’s most expensive cities, the quality of life makes it all worth it. Singaporean degrees and certificates are recognized all across the world. The country has a warm and welcoming attitude towards newcomers.

Also, over two-third of Singaporean population speaks English. English is also the official education language of the country.

  • Study Engineering In Taiwan

Study Engineering In Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most popular Asian countries for higher education. The government of Taiwan eagerly welcomes students from all across the world. In fact, the government has a target of hitting 1,50,000 students mark by 2020.

In wake of this, the government has launched various scholarship programmes for international candidates.

The top 5 universities to study Engineering in the country are:

  • Study Engineering In The United Kingdom

Study Engineering In The United Kingdom

As UK is one of the most sought after destinations by international students, the cost of studying is higher than many other nations. However, if you are determined to study in the country, you don’t need to worry much. Numerous financial aids, including scholarships and education loans, are easily available.

Though there have been news about visa issues for students migrating from India to UK, the UK’s Minister for Science and Universities, Jo Johnson, during his visit to India in 2015, clearly expressed that Indian students are more than welcome in the country.

He also expressed the country’s support for the Indian students who wish to stay in UK after completion of their studies.

Here are some exciting advantages of studying in the country:

Another interesting point for engineering students is that UK is home to 11 of world’s top 100 engineering universities (according to THE’s 2016-17 rankings).

The top 5 among them are:

  • Study Engineering In The United States

Study Engineering In The United States

USA is the most preferred country by international students.  From 2001-02 to 2014-15, the number of international students in the country increased by 67%. At present, the total number of international students in the country is nearly 1 million.

With a population of nearly 3 million Indians in UK, Indian students would never feel out of the place. Besides, USA is one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries. So, while in USA, you won’t explore just one country, but multiple cultures, languages, and travel destinations.

Also, the country is a heaven for engineering students. As 37 out of the world’s top 100 engineering universities, (according to THE’s 2016-17 rankings) are located in USA. The top 5 among them are:

So, these were the 7 best countries to study engineering abroad.

All these countries have their own merits and limitations. So, research in detail about the culture and lifestyle followed in these countries. Analayse your budget and other preferences. And then take a decision.

Studying abroad is only going to uncover diverse boulevards that lead to your personal and professional growth. So, if anything is holding you back from taking this decision- remember, fortune favors the bold.

If budget is your constraint, look for scholarships and education loans. If living among complete strangers scares you, then you must know what  Neale Donald Walsch said- ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’

Not that it is your last opportunity to explore a new world- but it is one of the best. So, grab it. You are never going to regret it.

Have a great journey. Godspeed!

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