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6 Reasons Why We Should Start Loving Poetry

6 Reason Why We Should Start Loving Poetry

Be it culture, community, life, peace or comprehension, poetry serves all of them. It is the combined effect of the honesty of a child, energy of a teenager and maturity of an adult. It is a rhythm; life would like to dance at. Poetry has always played a greater role in building up a culture, in giving a community its identity. It is a rhetoric that calls a change in life. We need poetry. We need our future to stand at a firm base.

Here are the six reasons why one should start loving poetry:

  1. Helps To Learn The Language

It makes students aware of the language. It opens up its arms to develop their oral vocabulary. Say a word that poetry doesn’t include. Further, it provides them an art to know the significance of a word. It tells the intensity a word requires in reciting a poem. And it develops their phonetics. It also enhances memorization skills by providing a rhythm to the prose. Studies have proved this very fact. Moreover, it enhances their comprehension skills and verbal dexterity. Your reading skills help to make you a good listener & poems play a major role to nurture these skills.

  1. Provides The Power of Resemblance

It fits students in the community, provides them the power to relate the things using the tools like metaphor, alliteration, etc. It encourages the students to view the complexities of the world in new ways and to develop the empathy by correlating themselves with the situation. By doing this, they create a culture and community. It also carries customs and their practices with it. This has been the main reason why the Chinese government has included poetry in their civil exams. It surely checks the knowledge of culture they have. Hence, Poetry is a condensed form of a community with which students resemble themselves.

  1. Resonates Learning With Life

Students make a deeper insight into their life with the rhythm a prose provides. Scientific studies show that we learn faster if we learn in a fashioned and decorated way. Students find coherence in the rhythm, a musical beat followed by a culture that carries a lot of information. It simply makes learning very easy. Students may not understand the words, but they can feel the learning the beat carries. It lasts a psychological effect on people and makes them stronger every day.

  1. An Exercise For The Mind

Poetry is an excellent introduction to the art. It activates the creativity hidden in an individual. It is like the message conveyed in an encoded way which a student can learn by reciting the poetry. It defies all the rules and gives students the freedom to show their creativity. The rhythm in the poetry fuels them to create their own rhythms as creativity begets creativity.

  1. Cognitive Development

Poetry allows students to understand the context in their own way. It carries words with a range of meanings and makes the reader think. This practice introduces them to a new world, a world of opinions where they can develop their freedom of speech. Students can find a pattern or a sequence in the rhymes of a poem which makes them capable of recognizing things. This trait develops students to decipher the prose in many dimensions and analyze it by keeping themselves in the situation. It gives greater control of language and opinions to the students.

  1. Power of Resilience & Peace

This is the most important quality that a student attains along with the rhymes. To be a complete person, one requires emotional intelligence parallel to the critical thinking. This is a hidden quality in the poetry, and it transfers this resilience to the generations ahead. Students often connect themselves with the rhymes and get emotionally touched by it which helps them to build a stronger insight into the world. This resilience empowers them with the inner peace and indeed it is a healthy exercise for the students.

This justifies that poetry plays a significant role in the development of students and cater all their needs to be a complete human being. I would suggest you to try to find these very traits in the poetry when you read it next time, and you would be happy and amazed to have such an enriched source to make you learn things that matter.

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