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5 Things you MUST KNOW from Sundar Pichai’s SRCC Talk!

Google CEO, Mr. Sundararajan Pichai, addressed a 2000 strong crowd at Shri Ram College of Commerce yesterday, and talked about a variety of things.  He also met Prime Minsiter Narender Modi later in the day. Edunuts brings you the Top 5 things he said, and what they mean for Indian and its students:

1.India is on the radar of the west: Google has ambitious plans for India, and those plans are in full throttle. Even Facebook’s programmes to digitize India reflects that these western giants are willing to bet on the growth of the internet-savvy population of the country. From providing wi-fi at 100 railway stations by 2016, to train two million Android developers in 30 universities globally, Mr. Pichai talked about the plans Google has, especially for India.



2. Start-Up Culture: Appreciating the growth of the start up culture, he remarked, he had been waiting for this change in the country for many years and finally felt it when he visited India last year. He said the quality of ideas by Indian start-up founders is the same as that of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and that India is well positioned to become the Silicon Valley of the East.



3. Make the Indian Education more creative: In an earlier meeting with Finance Minister Arun Jaitely, Mr. Pichai had called for making Indian environment,  and specially education, rewarding towards risk-taking, and also include greater creativity in the education as well. Though it is highly unlikely to result in any big-bang reforms, he has opened a dialogue for increased cooperation and global ties.



4. It’s important to take a risk and learn: Mr. Pichai encouraged people and students to take more risks, and learn from both the successes and failures of these risks. He said, “One must do something they’re excited by. We all have many opportunities to reinvent ourselves, and we should keep on trying. In silicon valley, people start their own companies and even if they fail, they wear it as a badge of honour.”



5. Stay Relevant: “For me, getting many developers in the workforce are going to solve many new things.” Pichai said everything changes at a fast pace in the world of technology and there is a need to keep reinventing to remain relevant. He gave examples about how Google has managed to stay relevant despite changes and will continue to do so as long as it is open to adaptation.



Basically, Mr. Sundar Pichai came across as an extremely humble and calm individual, who talked about his interest in sports, competition and also mentioned in the passing that his high school marks weren’t enough to get him into SRCC! So the biggest take away probably is the fact that don’t fret over marks and performances, for no matter if you don’t end up in the college everyone fights for, you might still end up changing the world!

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