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5 Qualities You Should Possess To Become A Good Academician 

5 Qualities You Should Possess To Become A Good Academician 

We all had our favorite teachers when we were in college and then, there were some whom we did not like so much.  In every school or college there are teachers who inspire awe amongst students while there are others who are not that popular. What creates this difference? Is it only because of his/her knowledge that a teacher is classified as good or not that good?  Or is there something more to it? What about the attributes that make a person suitable for this job? Let’s examine the various traits that are generally found in the most popular and successful teachers.

A teacher’s biggest wealth is not what he earns through his monthly salary, but his reputation and respect amongst the students. The best teachers are cherished and remembered by students forever. These teachers have a continuing and life-long impact on the lives of their students through their teaching. They are responsible for shaping their characters and bringing out their maximum potential so as to give a successful start to their career. A great teacher always aspires to make his students better than himself and does everything in his power to inspire them towards greatness. Do you want to achieve the same greatness as some of the most prolific names in history of academia achieved? Developing the following traits in your personality will help you in the same.

  • Patience

One of the key characteristics of a teacher’s job is being open to some of the silliest questions and consistent interruptions while teaching. A student has complete right to ask anything and as many times he wishes to, however puny or silly it might seem at that moment. A teacher should be patient enough to pause, and answer his student’s queries and carry on without showing the minutest sign of irritation or annoyance. This is a part of the daily routine of any teacher, and without flexibility and patience, one cannot hope to achieve excellence in this career path. Having patience will keep the stress at bay, and also assist you in having control over situations.

The best thing about patience is that the person practicing it benefits even more than the person it is practiced upon. Sometimes, as a teacher you might come across a student who is unruly and disobedient, nevertheless brilliant. It is only through patience and perseverance that you can help the student reach his or her maximum potential.

  • Optimism

Like in any other profession, in teaching also, you have to go through a lot of sharp corners and blind turns. You have to deal with mischievous and intractable pupils. You have to deal with annoying and complaining parents. Thoughts of being underpaid are also never too far from a teacher’s mind.  But a teacher should know that how to take all these struggles in his stride. With positive attitude, he/she will be able to deal with all the curveballs in the best possible way. At the same time, you will also come across students plagued with negativity and dark emotions regarding their performance or personal matters. It will be your responsibility to keep them going, uplift their mood, and infuse a healthy dose of optimism in them through your own positivity and sense of humor.

  • Passion

Passion is loosely defined as a strong emotion, almost uncontrollable regarding any object, objective or person. To complete their task of filling the young minds with brilliance and knowledge a teacher has to be really passionate about his job. Anyone who has succeeded in making a name for him in any profession would probably give the biggest credit to his passion for doing that job. The same holds true for a teacher’s job. Passionate teachers enjoy reading, teaching, and talking about their subject. They are enthusiastic, excited and always eager to know more about the latest developments in their fields of interest. Also, they try to inspire the same passion in their pupils.

  • Kindness

The best teachers acknowledge the worth of each one of their students. They recognize even the smallest contributions of each person and put efforts to make them a part of the conversation. Instead of imposing their own perspective, they try to understand their student and his perspective. Being empathetic is in their genes and therefore it is not before they walk a few steps in the other’s shoes that they give their own judgments about the situation.  Great teachers put great value in even academically weak students. It is through their kindness and sympathy, that such people gain the respect of their students and not demand it.

  • Humility

Teachers know that they are far superior in terms of knowledge and experience than their students. Great teachers refrain from showing this openly. They talk in simple terms, without showing off their knowledge and do not make efforts to impress anyone.  Instead, they keep an open mind about learning more wherever they feel there is a need.  The most popular teachers have humility and modesty despite their superiority.  They want their students to learn more and more, either through them or from other means and become even better than they are. Even the slightest of arrogance is forbidden if greatness is what you seek.

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