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3 Fiery Modern Monarchs Who Are Ready To Fly The Fighter Planes

The ladies are here to roll back, the blue path this time.

3 Fiery Modern Monarchs

The country got the first three women fighters this June. This will be marked as a landmark event as the first women commando fighter batch is all ready to set the sky ablaze.

India’s first women fighter pilots – Avani Chaturvedi from Madhya Pradesh, Bhawana Kanth, and Mohana Singh gets to fly finally, with open wings over with swords.

While the three nourished the hobby in the passion, they cherished the fact how the training is not compromised in any sense.

By saying that the women fighters will get no biasness and will be assigned, trained, and treated on every ground as per requirements of the force, the Air Chief Arup Raha defined the quiet definition of equality that the feminists have been fighting for. The Indian army is giving goals and a definite inspiration to the world.

The achievement of the three is significant. As this is the first time, the Indian military has permitted women into combat roles.

Avani Chaturvedi, daughter of an executive engineer, comes from Madhya Pradesh, Satna. She did her schooling from Adarsh School in Rewa and B.Tech. in Computer Science from Banasthali University, Jaipur. She has always wanted to vanquish the skies, and the dream led her to join the flying club in the college redirecting her to the dream and is inspired by his brother who serves the Indian army.

Bhawana Kanth, daughter of an engineer with Indian Oil Corporation Limited, comes from Bihar, Begusarai. She did her schooling from DAV Public School, Barauni Refinery and B.E. in Medical Electronics from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. She always dreamt of flying and followed the unruly passion, she decided to chose for the fighter stream after completing stage-1 training.

Mohana Singh is the daughter of a Warrant Officer,  IAF. She comes from Rajasthan, Jhunjhunu. She did her schooling from Air Force School, New Delhi, and B.Tech in Electronics & Communication from Global Institute of Management and Emerging Technologies, Amritsar. She prides herself about her grandfather who was a Flight Gunner in the Aviation Research Centre. She is all excited to strengthen the family bequest of working for the  Indian Armed Forces.

“Joining the Indian Air Force for flying was a dream instilled by parents and grandparents,” says Ms. Mohana Singh.

The three has begun advanced training on advanced jet trainer Hawks. It is going to take another 145 hours on the Hawks for almost a year before they would actually get at the helm of a supersonic fighter.

Regardless of encountering poor weather, thunderbolts, lightning, fickleness, and menaces of flying, nothing could discourage these three flying cadets ( our very own fiery modern day ’female’ monarchs ) from achieving what they have set up their goal.

The achievement of these three is a milestone for the Indian military, which is yet to permit women into any combat roles.

Women empowering Indian Defence since 1968

  • Padmavathy Bandopadhyay in 1968 was The First Woman Air Marshal of the IAF.
  • Ajith from Chennai was the first woman who was selected for the ‘Sword of Honour’ in the history of Indian Army in the year 2010.
  • Punita Arora, first Vice Admiral of Indian Navy and the first woman in India to be the second highest rank, Lieutenant General of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • Mitali Madhumita is the first female officer to receive the Sena Medal for gallantry in February 2011.
  • Flight Officer Gunjan Saxena created history by becoming the first woman IAF officer to fly in a combat zone during the Kargil war and has been honored with the Shaurya Vir Award.

These are just a few. Numerous brave women are ready to serve their country in every possible way.” –  replace this with “These are just a few, they are in ‘n’ number putting efforts for the country in every possible way.

The 66th Republic Day parade witnessed what the Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Nari Shakti (woman power), also for the first time, with women contingents from the Army, Air Force and Navy marching down Rajpath.

These women have been fighting and deterring the norms and putting in the best . They have proved womanhood in the best way. It’s high time to unfollow the norm that a woman is taking a man’s place. In fact, they both are making their space. It’s just that the other sex have to fight a little more.  

Both are equal and are evenly measured, maybe finally or someday.

Women or society cannot prevail and let go of anything they have been fighting for over decades. It will happen gradually with the approachable efforts. And all these advancements are the examples of such changes.

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