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25 Weird & Bizarre Jobs That Pay Really Good Really Well

25 Weird & Bizarre Jobs In The World

There are interesting jobs, part time jobs, high paying jobs. But what about weird jobs?

Our world is full of shocks and surprises. And so is the case with jobs too. You won’t believe what people are ready to do (doing) to earn money. From treating the dead to helping people in dying to live in different houses, they are doing it all.

So if you think that you are doing an odd job, think again.

I am sure it is not weirder than the ones I have listed below.

Have a look at these jobs and be ready to get startled.

  1. Embalmer

Embalmers are qualified professionals who preserve the dead bodies till the day of the funeral. Also, they dress up the dead bodies for the funeral. They ensure that the corpse looks attractive and life-like.

  1. Human Props

This job emerged as a result of a new marketing strategy of real estate sellers in Florida. Human props or model families are hired to live in luxurious properties that are out for sale.

They can live as owners. But they have to keep the house impeccably clean and move out as soon as it gets sold.

  1. Professional Stand in-liners/Queuers

How about getting paid for standing in a queue?

Yes, such jobs do exist. People are paid for standing in long queues. Whether it’s for buying a newly launched product or a movie ticket, stand-in-liners are to the rescue.

  1. Professional Mourners

What if people are paid for shedding tears?

Yes, professional mourners (known as Rudalis in India) are the ones who earn their livelihood this way.  People hire them when someone dies. Their job is to cry on such occasions to make the environment doleful.

  1. Snake Charmer

A snake charmer (sapera in Hindi) is the one who plays a flute to make the snake twirl.  It is one of the weirdest jobs among all.

  1. Bird Deterrent

Bird deterrent or human scarecrow is another odd job that adds to the list. Their job is to stand all day long and shoo away the birds from an area. For instance: Many hotels in Jaipur hire bird deterrents to scare off pigeons from hotel premises using a flag.

  1. Worm Picker & Seller

Ever wondered from where do fishers get the worms for fishing? No, they don’t go on hunting or picking jobs themselves. In fact, there are separate sellers for them. They are known as Worm Pickers and Sellers. They earn their livelihood picking and selling worms to the people. I know it sounds yucky, but this is the truth. Such a job does exist.

  1. Snake Milker

Snake venom is used for many medical purposes. But extracting it from a snake is risky and this what snake milkers do. They milk venom from a live snake and this is what makes their job weird as well as dangerous. A small negligence on their part can harm snake milkers dreadfully.

Watch this video to know how dangerous is the job of a snake milker

  1. Horrible Stunt Taster

To ensure that stunts like swimming with snakes, sitting with lizards in a box, and putting worms in your mouth is safe, some has to do it. The stunt tasters check all this. These daredevils perform all these tricks to check whether or not these stunts are safe to perform in a stunt show.

  1. Fake Businessman & Executive

You don’t have the professional skills but look good in a suit? Great, you might qualify for the job of a fake businessman or executive. Yes, it’s true. Many companies hire people to act as fake professionals just to promote their business and make a good impression on other parties. Their job is to shake hands and attend gatherings and dinners. Isn’t is fascinating?

  1. Monkey Handlers

Just like security guards are hired to manage and control people, monkey handlers are hired to tackle monkeys.  Some citizens in India work as Monkey handlers or Langurwallahs. It gets weirder when monkey handlers dress up and act as monkeys themselves to shoo the creatures away.

  1. Professional Ear Cleaner

Uh! It sounds weird. But in India one such job exists. You will find a good number of people working as professional ear cleaners. They are competent enough in their skills and charge a petty amount to clean your ear.

  1. Elephant Dresser

In countries like India, Sri Lanka, China, and South Korea people work as official elephant dressers. Their job is to create beautiful costumes, accessories and do the makeup of the elephants for celebrations and occasions.

  1. Fortune Cookie Writer

Yes, it’s a real job done by real people. Fortune cookie manufacturers hire writers to write engaging and witty fortunes. So, if you have that skills you can contact such organizations and work with them.

  1. Gravedigger

These diggers work in graveyards. They dig graves for the corpses for the funeral. The weird aspect of their job is that they have to deal with dead bodies on a daily basis.

  1. Crime Scene Cleaner

These individuals are responsible for cleaning the site of an accident or murder. Cleaning blood and other body fluids make this job weird. 

  1. Music Thanatologist

These practitioners help the dying individuals to die peacefully. Music-thanatology is about playing the prescribed music using harp and the voice at the bedside of the patient.

Watch this video to see how they do it:

  1. Genealogist

Known as vahis or pandas are the professionals whose job is to dig up your family history of ten generations. From centuries ago when people visit Haridwar they go to these genealogists to update their family details related to deaths, births, marriages, etc. in the family. It has been one of the old Hindu customs.

  1. Professional Apologizer

In Japan, there are several professional apology service providers. They hire individuals and train them to become professional apologizers. Their job is to apologize on behalf of other people.

  1. Paint Drying Watcher

What a bizarre job it is! Imagine you are paid for just watching paint to dry. Yes, believe me. It is a job. Many paint manufacturing companies hire people whose job is to watch paint dry. This is done to study the effect and quality of paint after it gets dry.

  1. Island Caretaker

It is a bizarre yet interesting job. All you have to do is take care of the island, and you get paid well. So, if you are okay living alone, then this job is great. However, it is not that popular as of now.

  1. Pearl Diver

As scuba divers, there are pearl divers too. Their job is to go deep down close to the seabed to bring out real pearls. Going so deep involves a lot of life-threatening risks.

  1. Transgender Entertainer

In India, whether it is a wedding or a celebration for a newborn, they go incomplete without these entertainers. They come up dressed well and sing songs, dance, and give blessings to the newlyweds/newborns in exchange for some money. This is how they earn their livelihood. It is a superstitious belief in India that turning them down brings bad omen. So, no one restricts their presence in such gatherings.

  1. Professional Bed Warmer

They are the walking electric blankets. These professionals are hired by hotels to warm the bed of the guests before they arrive. All they have to do is dress neatly in their night suits and lie down on the guest’s bed and keep it warm. This facility is provided to ensure good night sleep to the guests.

  1. Dice Inspector

These professionals inspect whether a dice is perfect or not. For instance: Casinos are very particular about the quality of their dice. Therefore, the manufacturers have to stay very particular about the dice. And that’s why dice inspectors are hired.

However weird they sound, you have to believe that such jobs do exist. In fact, many of them pay well. So if you are wondering whether a simple weird hobby of yours can be turned into a job, believe me, there can be a possibility. 😛 😉

4 thoughts on “25 Weird & Bizarre Jobs That Pay Really Good Really Well

  1. Miss krishali.where well written article.
    Your research skills are really worth commending.
    You dig upon many untouched topics which is covered under one roof.

    I would just give a suggestion to write more about different career option which are indeed very good employable than traditional long term courses.A brief insight would help us.

    Thanking you in advance.
    A big FAN & an ardent follower

  2. I think we have to do whatever we love to do. If hobby becomes profession then one will surely feel happiness in their profession and becomes wealthy too. Just like I love surfing and modeling. 😉

  3. Miss blanchard.
    There are various people who want to pursue what they love.
    But sometimes resources aren’t in their favour.So they end up doing stuff which indeed may fulfill their daily necessity.

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