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15 Questions to Put the Year in Perspective for YOU!

And just like that, another year is in its final chapter, ready to pave way for a new year. As you complain about how seamlessly ‘time flew by’, or make a list of resolutions that you are unlikely to keep, it becomes really important to look back and introspect about the year that has gone by. We aren’t talking about soul-searching, life-altering and path-breaking introspection; but merely a review of what has unfolded in the last 365 days. It is something similar to what Facebook keeps prompting us to do, summing up the year in a ‘Review’; the only difference being that this review will not have an Instagram filter that eclipses your real achievements and struggles. So step beyond the virtual reality that we live in, and truthfully answer the following questions, marking yourself +1 for every YES and 0 for every NO; remember there is no correct answer here but simply a recap of what has actually happened:

  1. Do you think you managed and used your time wisely and judiciously?

You can trick yourself into answering a yes, but deep down inside, you know whether you could have studied better for that one exam, made time for the family dinner, or complete your work in a given deadline.

  1. Have you managed to keep your passion alive?

Don’t over-think this one! Yes, exams, college, work did get you busy, but were you able to do the things you loved doing, no matter what at what level! If you arts was your thing, and you still regularly doodle in your free time, it does count as a yes; but if not, count it as a negative.

  1. Did you do something that was out of your comfort zone?

It could be something as trivial as trying a new hair-style, or something as extreme as going bunjee-jumping. Did you adapt a technology that was alien to you? Or read a book? Everything counts as a Yes! But if you have to rack your brains so much, and still nothing comes to mind, the answer is probably no.

  1. Are you one step closer to your life goals, than you were one year back?

This one’s tricky. How do you boil down this answer to a simple yes or no; but the fact of matter is you truly can. Ask yourself, are you going in the direction that you always intended to? And if you have realised your life goals, or changed them in this last year, count them as a YES! Everything else is a No.

  1. Do you think you spent enough time with your family?

The first answer that comes to you is the way to go. It is a black and white situation here; no grays.

  1. Did you say ‘I love you’ in the last year?

It could be to your parent, sibling, cousin, friend, lover – just about anyone really; as long as you said it when you meant it! And no, inanimate objects (like Siri in your iPhone) don’t count!

  1. In the last year, did you meet with friends from school, college, or your last job?

Again, the first answer that your heart gives, is the one you should go with.

  1. Were you there for a friend/family member when they needed you?

It could be because they just needed to talk to you before an important exam, or because they were going through a life crisis, but did you make time for them, after you realised they needed your time and help?

  1. Do you think you took care of your health?

Getting a gym membership doesn’t count, if you still didn’t watch what you ate. Did you take the elevator or the stairs? Did you take the fresh juice or the soda? It’s the little things that count! And don’t be afraid to accept ‘No’ as the answer.

  1. Were you able to get rid of one bad habit this year?

Procrastination? Smoking? Messy room? Being late? Sleeping after 2 a.m.?

Were you able to tackle any one of these habits this year or anything in the same league?

  1. Did you cultivate a good habit this year?

The answer to this question can be easily derived from the last one; yet it is possible to include some good habits, like managing your time better, taking some time off, or simply switching off your phone during meal times! Nothing comes to your mind? 0 is what you should mark.

  1. Did you take a vacation this year?

Anything counts. Even the weekend getaway to Agra does. Alone, with friends, with family – As long as you stepped outside your city.

  1. Do you push the elevator button ONLY once?

This happens to be the most important question on the list. Answer truthfully!

  1. Did you make time to do something learn something you wanted to?

You’ve wanted to learn photography, or cooking, or being fluent in English, or even learn your way around the city you live in, for ages now. Did you take a step, no matter how small, to actually learn it? And NO, simply buying a camera, or baking dishes, or a city map doesn’t count as a yes!

Bonus Question – If you think your score is low, answer this question, as both Yes and No fetch you +1:

  1. Were you your best possible self this year?

If you were, that’s awesome! If no, it’s pretty awesome as well, because you identify the need to improve, and that is worth a +1!


5 and lower: It is highly likely that you are investing your time, efforts, and resources in things and areas that might not lead you to be happy in the long run. You need to plan better, implement better, and achieve better, and promise yourself, that the next year will be more balanced and fruitful. Good luck!

5-10: The year looked pretty great, but you can multiply this satisfaction and contentment, only if you try a little harder. You might not feel the need to change, but you will see the difference once you consciously begin to put more effort in achieving greater things, you can fare much better next time!

Above 10: You seem to have had a great year! However, it is equally important to maintain and sustain the force that kept you going this year. Next year, try to convert the Nos to Yes, and never stop growing!

There you go, you know where you stand, and you know which areas to work on, in the next year! Isn’t this so much better than making resolutions that don’t last beyond the second week of January?

Let us know how you fared!

Edunuts wishes you a very Happy New Year, and a splendid, informed, and educated year ahead, and hopes you make the most of it!

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