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11 Awe-Inspiring Mobile Learning Apps

Best Mobile Learning Apps

Mobile phones! How conveniently they became a necessity from a luxury. From a child to an elderly person, everyone has this device in pockets. We all are fond of its features and apps. Be it good or bad, its reverberation in our lives is non-negligible.

We come across a plenty of news claiming that how adversely these devices are affecting us. But is that really the case? Had they been only a hex? Did they not do anything good for us? Giving this perception a different view, I see it as an invention to be used with caution. Like everything, it has some pros too. It is due to the mobile phones that online learning has become extensive. At present, it caters us with some of the best educational mobile learning apps.

Everyone cannot afford a laptop or a computer but having a smartphone is not a costly affair anymore. There are a number of mobile apps one can use to solve the small and big, complex and simple issues.

Other than being affordable and useful, these devices sync well with the spontaneity of our lives today. For the present generation who want everything right on their table as soon as the desire pops in, a mobile phone is no less than a boon.

Besides, when it comes to learning, they are a great help. They bestow us with the best educational mobile learning apps one can have. It is because of these devices that “’m-learning” came into existence.

Mobile-learning (m-learning) is a form of distance education that elicits learning with the convenience of time and place. It enables learning on the go. Explaining its benefits, David Mallon says, “Timeliness, proximity, versatility – these are among the key measures of today’s high-impact learning organization, m-Learning plays a critical role in helping organizations meet the demands of these measures.”

Our mobile phones are well-stuffed with apps that are useful for learning many things. From learning languages to honing mathematic skills, these apps assist in all of these. They have helped in carving a way beyond the concept of traditional learning.

So, here are some of the best mobile apps which are a great help for those who wish to learn without spending much. Most of them are free and easy to use. They are no less than the “must haves” for your smartphone.

  1. Duolingo
  2. Coursera
  3. GoConqr
  4. MyScript Calculator
  5. Lumosity
  6. Self Control for Study
  7. Scribd: A World of Books
  8. Chegg
  9. CamScanner
  10. Unlock Your Brain
  11. Khan Academy
  • Duolingo

Do you have a flair for foreign languages? Or you want to learn it just for the heck of it or maybe to flaunt it in front of your friends? Well, whether it’s just for hobby, interest, or necessity. Duolingo is a solution for all. This app enables you to learn or hone your existing language skills. You can choose from around 30 languages. The best part about this app is that it is free, interactive, and engaging.  Be warned as it is very addictive, especially if you are a language freak. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phone.

  • Coursera

It’s a free-on-the-go learning app for Android, iPhone, and iPad. One can choose from over 1000 courses designed by 140+ best colleges and universities in the world. One can choose any course from programming and medicine to music and photography. Joining Coursera is free, but you need to pay a monthly amount to earn a specialization certification in any particular course. It’s a big hit among the students. One can advance and continue on the subject of their choice.

  • GoConqr

GoConqr app succors to learn with its tools such as mind maps, flashcards, slides, and quizzes.  It is a 100% free app for iPhones, and Android phones & tablets.  You can create your learning experience and arrange it as per your convenience. Also, you can connect and take assistance from educators available from around the world. It gives an edge to your learning experience. It presents the content in an attractive and playful manner. Besides this, you can also check your progress from time to time.

  • MyScript Calculator

To start with, MyScript Calculator has been featured as Essentials by Apple and has been a Tabby Award winner in 2015, under the category – Personal Productivity Application. This app allows making calculations in your own handwriting. You only have to write the mathematical problem and the result will be displayed in real-time. It is an easy to use, time-savvy free app for Android and iOs. It is a must have for everyone.

  • Lumosity

Lumosity is a brain training app by a group of scientists and designers. This app helps you strengthen your memory, attention, and other cognitive skills with a collection of fun to do activities. You need to take its “Fit-Test”, and your further sessions are arranged as per the test scores. This app is a collection of 25+ cognitive games that edify your cognitive skills.  So, all those who wish to train their brain, download this app right now.

  • Self Control for Study

Do I need to remind you how intensively social media is influencing our lives? I think, I do not. For sure, we are not unaware of its benefits but at times it gets frustrating. Sometimes it’s nothing but an addiction leading to sheer waste of time. So, if you are among those who want to get rid of this dependency, Self Control for Study app is apt for you. It restricts your access to all such apps for a set period.

  • Scribd – A World of Books

Are you are bibliophile? Ah, if that’s the case, this app is imperative for your phone. It has a broad range of books and audiobooks. With this app you’ll never run out of reading stuff. Besides, it was New York Times bestsellers and Pulitzer Prize winner. It’s a readers’ paradise that has books in every genre, i.e., fiction, non-fiction, business, comic, etc. It offers a free trial for the first month after that you can get a monthly subscription costing less than the price of a paperback.

  • Chegg

Are exams and challenging home assignments forcing you to seek expert help? Then this app is a great savior for you. With Chegg, you can get answers to even the most complex problems. All you have to do is, snip your problem and share it on the app and you will get the solution within 2 hours (max.). You can also search for answers from the archive. Besides, it also helps you rent or buy textbooks at a cheaper rate with ease.  It’s a pocket-friendly, easy to use app available for both, Android and iOS. Go ahead! Rent textbooks or e-Textbooks like a boss.

  • CamScanner

CamScanner is another helpful app for the tech-savvies of the times. It entails easy scanning of classroom notes, textbook pages or any other paperwork into PDFs. It helps you scan, sync, and store information in an organized way. It’s been a great hit with over 50,000 new registrations every day. So, download this app and turn your phones and tablets into a scanner. It is available for all, Android, iOS and Windows phone.

  • Unlock Your Brain

Unlock Your Brain, the name says it all. It is an app that does not let you unlock your phone unless you give the right answer. The app claims to double your number skills in a matter of 14 days. Not only numbers, but it also teaches a range of languages, history, and other subjects. Every time you unlock your phone a question pops-up. But the question can be skipped in case of urgency.  This app is available for both, iOS and Android.

  • Khan Academy

It is an app created by Khan Academy, a not-for-profit educational organization. With this app, you can learn about anything and everything related to academics. It offers the resources and material of Khan Academy free of cost. Anyone from a student to a teacher can brush up his/her skills through this app. It is an easy to use learning app with over 10,000 videos and explanations at your fingertip.

These were the 11 best mobile learning apps. Download these apps on your smartphones and become smarter. They’ll help you groom your knowledge, skills, and overall personality, that too, at a nominal cost. Be it your home, office, or classroom, you can use them anytime-anywhere and learn the concepts in a fun way. They let you learn things that you will otherwise miss learning due to the shortage of time and money.

Go Ahead! Grab your mobile phones and download these apps ASAP.

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