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10 Handy Tips To Crack Personal Interview For MBA


So many students appeared for CAT, but only a few made it to the next level. And, hey! You are among those lucky ones too. So far, things have turned out well.

You have cleared the exam. You are through with GD. And now you are sitting biting your nails and wondering: How to ace this last step?

I know. It’s terrifying. Who wants to go back from here? Not you, I am sure.

So here I have some smart and snappy tips to crack the personal interview for MBA.

But before we begin, remember that an interview is not about an interviewer evaluating what you don’t know. In fact, it’s more about checking the authenticity of what you claim to know.

  • Be Well Prepared; Confidence and Calmness Will Follow Automatically

Confidence and calmness are among the key aspects observed by interviewers. While confidence depicts your faith in yourself, patience shows how sorted you are.

They are believed to be some of the essential traits in a business professional. Also, these characteristics explain that you can handle stress and come out with solutions in case there are any complications.

But how to stay composed under all the heebie-jeebies?

I know it’s hard. And don’t worry I am not asking you to join a yoga class for that. It can be achieved while you are preparing for the interview. And for that focus on your preparation.

Sounds confusing, right?

Okay, let me explain you this way.

Do you remember an exam in which you scored the highest marks in your class?

You were stressed but remained confident and calm during the exam.

You know why?

It’s because you had faith in yourself and your preparation. You knew that you had prepared well for the exam. And you will get through it.

Do it this time as well. Prepare well for the interview. Study everything thoroughly and revise it. And once you have faith in your preparation, calmness and confidence will come in automatically.

  • Focus on Basic Questions As Well

Why do you want to do MBA?

What are your long term goals?

How will this course help you achieve your goals?

Tell us something about yourself?

Why do you want to join this particular institution?

All such questions seem to be basic. But ignoring them or unable to answer them properly can cost you high. Irrespective of their simplicity, they are among the most asked and decision-making question in the interview.

So prepare well for all these questions. They are crucial to your selection.

But how to do that?

Figure out such questions and write down their answers. Be genuine and succinct. Do not exaggerate. 

  • Be What You Are and Don’t Pretend

As I have already said, be real. Believe in your uniqueness. During an interview, answer what you think is right and not what panel wants to hear.

Stay clear and genuine while expressing your thoughts. Your uniqueness is what keeps the interviewer interested in you.

Always bear in mind that interviewers are experienced individuals. If you’ll try to bluff them, there is barely any chance of not getting caught. So, do what you think and say what you believe. Never say anything just to please them.

Watch this video to know what interviewers expect from you during an interview:

  • Talk With Those Who Have Appeared For PI Before

Interact with the people who have appeared for PIs in the past. Learn from their experiences.

Their experiences will help you know the structure and procedure of the PIs. Once you are done with the conversation, list the dos’ and don’ts that you must keep in mind.

  • Go for Mock Interviews Whenever Possible

If you get a chance, go for mock interviews and analyze your performance. You can seek help from ex-interviewees in this regard as well. Mock interviews will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you’ll gain an experience of the pressure and atmosphere that you might face during the actual interview.

  • Touch Up Your Skills

Skills are as important as the conceptual knowledge. Having command over your skills gives you a whip hand. So always take out time to practice the skills you have, foster new skills, and brush up your knowledge.

Concisely, by this point, here, I mean that before you appear for the interview cram the skills you have acquired in your graduation or any other course so far. For instance: If you did B.Tech. Brush up all the skills that you learned during the course.

  • Mugging Up Grad Subjects Does Not Guarantee Selection

Students often think that an interview is mostly about the topics they studied in graduation. But this isn’t the truth.

Yes, there are questions related to your graduation subjects. But that’s not all. Such questions are asked only to check your knowledge, but they are certainly not the only parameters.

So instead of mugging up everything, focus only on the key points. Recall technical skills and topics that a person must know if s/he has pursued a particular course.

Also, stay updated with the current affairs from around the world. Mainly, keep the information related to your subjects at your fingertips.

  • Be Presentable

The way you are dressed builds an impression a lot before you begin to interact with the interviewers. An appropriate attire speaks a lot about your personality.

So along with polishing your skills and technical knowledge, enhance your looks as well.

Remember that a pleasing personality will always give you an edge.

  • Have an Opinion But Do not Argue

There will be times when you might not agree with the interviewers or vice-a-versa. Don’t be afraid of it. It is normal.

There can be a difference in the opinions. If any such situation occurs, state what you think is right without offending the interviewers.

Be polite and confident while you speak. And don’t try to impose your views on them. Also, respect their opinion, be a patient listener, and try to move further to avoid the argument.

  • Keep a Check On Your Etiquettes

Being educationally qualified will not get you through with the admission procedure.

Interviewers keep an eye on your basic manners and etiquettes as well. So, be presentable and maintain a professional attitude throughout the session.

Even if the interviewer tries to be casual with you, stick to professionalism, but don’t be rigid. It is always safe to do so.

  • Watch Your Body Language

As I have already said, the way you behave, talk, and walk are under observation too. So, while preparing for the PI, work on your body language as well.

Body language is so influential that it can overpower your words. So, don’t ignore this aspect, if you wish to ace your admission interview.

Work on it to try to keep your gestures genial, positive, and confident.

These tips will help you not only to come out with flying colors at this interview but also succeed at any other personal interview in your career.

Good Luck!

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