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10 Reasons To Start Your Career In Web Development

Have you ever wondered what goes into creating and running a website? Have you ever stared at the beautiful minimalistic animation of a website for hours? Do you have an aching desire to create the next Facebook, Amazon or Reddit? Then Web Development is probably the career for you!

Here are ten reasons why Web-Dev is one of the coolest jobs in the world:

  1. Your Job Involves Creating 24×7:
    Create 24X7
    Don’t feel like sitting at a desk doing paperwork from 9am-5pm? Well, you won’t have any! All you’ll need is a laptop and a desire to create. And the best thing is, you can do that sitting on the beach as well-how’s that for good office space, eh!
  2. A Perfect Opportunity To Showcase Your Creativity:


    You’re like a graffiti artist, but of black monitor screens

    Do you have an idea for the next big thing? – Or just a weird one that you want to create just to see it work? The Web’s your platform. Remember: 15 years ago, there was no Facebook. 10 years ago, there was no Twitter. And 5 years ago, there was no Snapchat. The Internet’s still in its infancy and you have the power to shape it! (and earn respect and/or loads of money doing it)

  3. Hundreds Of Job Opportunities To Choose From:

    All businesses are moving online and that means there are lots of jobs for everyone (who know how to code). Even my sabzi-mandi guy is thinking of opening his own website; he wants to call it manojsabziwala.com. Well, not really, but you get the point. Go ahead and Google “the name of your favorite website + careers” right now if you want! Want to hear something sweet? You don’t even need a college degree!
  4. Your Skills Matter, Not The Name Of Your College:


    No one asks those who have the courage to get to the top, for a piece of college paper

    Strictly speaking, while graduating from a reputed college will make it easier for recruiters to find you, this shouldn’t be a bother for the determined! Once you start your journey and find yourself interacting with other web developers on the internet (duh), you’ll realize how many of them never finished college. A few of them would have jumped careers and you’re bound to find hotshot Web Developers who are still in school!

    They’re happy being degree-less; at least they don’t have any student loans. If you wish, you can even work your way through college and not have your parents pay your fees. The first time you pay for your own education, it’s going to feel great!

  1. You Can Learn These Skills On Your Own:


    Meet Coursera: Your New Best Friend.

    Most of the web developers out there are self-taught using dozens of resources available both online and offline. Ever heard about Udacity or Coursera? You should probably check them out and take their courses on a trial run. A bunch of videos later, you’ll know if Web Development’s the right career move for your or not.

    Of course, there are some advantages to going to college for web development. The recruiters will have their jobs cut out for them and you may even get some contacts while in college. But a lot of the courses offered are grossly out-of-date and once you have a few years of experience, nobody will really care where you came from-They’ll only care about what you’re capable of.

  1. You Get Your Pick of Company Culture:

    As a big-shot in an Multi-National, part of an efficient startup or even as a freelancer – the choice of company culture is yours. Choose the best environment for your personality and if you don’t like working under a boss, you can choose to be your own boss!
  2. You Can Be Your Own Boss:

    As a freelancer, you can choose to work from home. You get to pick your own working hours, and you don’t even have to get out of your bed to get work done. As long as you stick to the deadlines and create an excellent product to keep your clients happy, you can literally work in your boxers!
  3. Feeling Of Instant Accomplishment:

    One of the most addictive things about the Web is that, when you do something, you get immediate results. Every hour of every day, you can see exactly how your website looks like. And sometimes it will take hours to debug your program and figure out what’s wrong. But when you find and fix the error, it will be just like being one of the Indian Cricket Players in the 2011 World Cup Finals!
  4. Awesome Community For Backup:


    Meet StackExchange: Your Other New Best Friend.

    Every job is full of challenges that you must overcome before you can get to be a giant. With Web Development, you can stand on the shoulders of giants and see the world from their perspective long before you develop your own muscle power. StackExchange, Reddit and Quora are full of active developers who will respond to even your silliest questions (not without some sarcasm though) and they’ll probably end up explaining concepts to you better than any of your professors ever did.

  5. The Satisfaction Is Priceless:

    Web-Dev Teams at the launch of their website be like…

    All in all, web development is a lot of work. But, at the end of 3 months, when your website’s finally online, it will feel just like holding your newborn baby in your arms. You’ll finally have something in this world to call your own. And I promise that’s going to be grand feeling.

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