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10 Most Underrated Professions In India

Various professions in India are stereotyped to be less valuable, either socially or financially. Some of them are pivotal to the growth of the country, yet they are sidelined because of the traditional outlook, and, perhaps, since most of them do not require one to have even fundamental education.

However, the jobs that are undervalued in India are not only well-paid but are also well-respected in the western economies. The condition of these professions in India can be bettered only with the help of technology and education. And this, of course, would take a long time.

We have prepared a list of 10 such jobs that are central to the expansion of our economy but are still disregarded by the authorities and even the mass. Here’s our list of the 10 most underrated professions in India:

  1. Farmer
  2. Plumber
  3. Electrician
  4. Cabbie
  5. Nurses
  6. Construction Labour
  7. Traffic Policemen
  8. Stuntmen
  9. Mine Workers
  10. Sewage Workers

Given below are the details pertaining these professions:

  • Farmer


According to a report by The Hindu, which cited facts from an NSSO (National Sample Survey Organization) survey, an average farm household in India makes Rs. 6,500 per month, i.e. Rs. 78000 per year. While in America, according to payscale.com, the median salary of farmers is $ 33,993 (approximately Rs. 23 lacs) per year.

One of the major causes for the plight of farmers in India is lack of education. A large number of farmers are not updated with the latest techniques and most of them even lack basic education. They are unaware of their rights and are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by middlemen.

The condition is so distressing that suicides by farmers are over 10% of the total suicides in India. It is getting even more appalling with the increasing urbanisation that is taking its toll on the environment. One of the noblest and most challenging professions in India, farming is in extremis.

  • Plumber


Being a rapidly developing country, India is in dire need of plumbers. They are not only required while constructing a building but also throughout its lifespan, to deal with its regular wear and tear. In today’s world, they are also playing a crucial role in designing environmental friendly systems to minimise the shortage of water.

Though the earnings of plumbers are on a constant rise in India, they are considered to have a low social status merely because plumbing doesn’t require any professional degree. However, with the initiatives taken by the Indian Plumbing Association, and GreenPlumbers, an American NGO, to educate Indian plumbers, the social status of this profession might ameliorate soon.


Source: The Hindu

The above citation clarifies the undervalued social status of this worthy profession.

  • Electrician


The demand for electricians in India is ever increasing. The following statement by Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder & senior VP of TeamLease Services, substantiates the fact.


Source: Times of India

However, in India even now, an average electrician earns  Rs. 2 lacs per annum in contrast to $ 44000 (approximately equal to 30 lacs) in America. Besides, even when the work of electrician is highly technical, this remains a profession for the uneducated lot. However, in the near future, considering the continually rising demand, the social and financial status of electricians might upgrade to a great extent.

  • Cabbie


The presence of giants like Ola and Uber has revolutionized the earnings of cabbies in India. Many of the well-educated folks are getting registered with these giants. The reasons being- high & assured income, flexible working hours, and comparatively low stress.

Those working full time with these companies earn around Rs. 1 lac – Rs. 2 lac per month. While if anyone is working part-time or on weekends, they can still make up to Rs. 50k per month.

Even after the high earnings and low stress, the job still is not socially acceptable to many. Parents often feel ashamed of their highly qualified sons becoming DRIVERS.

However, youngsters are breaking these stereotypes. They see it as an opportunity to earn an extra buck for their future. Particularly those who want to start a business in future.

  • Nurses

Portrait of a smiling nurse in front of her medical team

Among the noblest of professions, nursing is still disparaged in India. While in India, nurses earn Rs. 2 lacs per annum on an average, in Canada the average salary of a nurse is C$ 57991 (approximately Rs. 30 lacs).

Apart from the meagre salary, long working hours, night shifts, harassment by the authorities, etc. add to the hardships of nurses in the country. Besides, many employers ask them to sign a bond which restricts them from grabbing any good job opportunities abroad.

Nurses are crucial both from the perspective of doctors and patients. Despite the significance of their job, they are sidelined. They are undervalued both financially and socially.

  • Construction Labour


Though the job of a construction labour is extremely challenging and hazardous, they are paid peanuts. They are among the most exploited lots. Usually, construction workers have migrated from their state in search of work. A major percentage of them doesn’t have a permanent shelter. They build temporary shacks around the construction sites and live in unhygienic conditions lacking basic facilities like water and toilets. This is not all, and after all, this they are not paid well.


Source: US Bureau of Labour Statistics

Now, if we convert the yearly income of US construction workers into Indian rupee (based on today’s exchange rate), it comes out to be approximately 21 lakhs. While in India, a construction worker earns between 10k -15k per month, i.e. a maximum of Rs. 1,80,000 per annum. This difference clearly depicts the misery of construction workers in the country.

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  • Traffic Policemen


Due to working long hours under the sun, the traffic policemen are vulnerable to varied health issues. They are prone to various eye diseases such as cataract, pterygium,  and pinguecula. Also, working amidst the harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon mono-oxide, sulphur, benzene, lead, nitrogen oxide, and black smoke can cause severe respiratory disorders.

Not only this, they often work in areas deprived of basic facilities like sitting arrangement, shed, water, and washrooms. In the season of festivals, they work for 10-12 hours with no weekly offs. Their salary ranges from Rs. 2 lacs – Rs. 3 lacs per annum, with which surviving in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore is extremely challenging.

  • Stuntmen


We all applaud the actors for the deadly stunts performed by them in the movies. It thrills us to see them doing this. But, no one ever talks about the real heroes. The heroes who risk their lives to make an action scene in the movie look real are paid a pittance. Besides, they hardly get any recognition for their contribution.

However, this is not the case in Hollywood.  While an average stuntman in India earns 1.5k – 3k per day in Hollywood the daily rates range from $850-$1400 (Rs. 57715 – Rs. 95060).

Wages in peanuts, no recognition for taking risks, and no life insurance schemes- this is how miserable and undervalued the job of a stuntman in India is.

  • Mine Workers

Mine Worker

Working in inhuman conditions under the ground, mine workers are vulnerable to explosions, choking, dust, etc. This not only adversely affects their health but also is highly challenging. Apart from this, these workers often need to stay in remote areas, far away from their families.

The death-rate for mine workers is very high, with one mine worker dying every 10 days.

Besides, for doing all this, they are paid very low. With the possibilities of fatal and life changing accidents – they stare right in the face of death every day and every hour.

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  • Sewage Workers


The distress of sewage workers in the country has been there from time immemorial and is continuing to be so with minimal improvements. They not only work under dreadful and squalid conditions but also they are denied their fundamental right of having a safety gear by civic authorities.

They enter the manholes without even an oxygen mask. Their only saviour is a bottle of alcohol. Not only this, the risk of death due to asphyxiation, getting introduced to harmful gases, infections, skin diseases are what makes their job even worse.

Besides, these sewage workers are often not treated well and are considered to be of low social status as a majority of them are Dalit. Even with the rapid advancement in technology, if anyone has to work in such inhuman conditions, it is a shame for the authorities and us.

The worst part is, for risking their life every day they are paid on an average 1,50,000 per annum. While in America, the average salary of sewage workers is $44,000 (approximately Rs. 30 lacs) with considerably better-working conditions.

So, these were some of the jobs that are trivialized by the authorities, and society. Though some of them like plumbing and driving are paid-well, socially, most of them are still unacceptable. However, with the support of technology, education, and government these professions can turn out to be very lucrative. The potential is certainly there.

Besides, on our part, we need to change our outlook towards these professions and treat these people with dignity.

Image Source: Unsplash, Stocksnap, Wikipedia

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