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10 Fastest Growing Careers In India: Fast As Lightning

10 Fastest Growing Jobs In India

Our economy is dynamic. So is people’s tastes and preferences.

While earlier people loved heading to a gym, now, they have started considering the idea of going to a yoga class instead. Earlier they loved fast foods, now they’ve also started caring about the calories.

Also, now, the technological advancements are more rapid than ever.

For these and many other reasons the demand and supply for various jobs keeps changing over time.

Some of the jobs that were growing faster in the previous decade have slowed down now. While the jobs that have great demand now and in the coming future- in the previous decade, most people were unaware of them.

So, here are some of the top fastest growing careers in India of this decade.

  • Career Counsellors

Career Counselors

According to The Hindu’s report, USA has 2.6 million counselors per 1.8 million candidates. While India has around 500 counselors per 1.5 million candidates. You see the gap?

Indian parents are gradually starting to think beyond the handful traditional career options. Even students are conscious about their career choice. They want to choose a profession that suits their interests, aspirations, skills, and capabilities.

Because of all this, students often get confused between numerous career options. Taking such a huge decision on their own is daunting. Career counsellors play an important role in helping students find their perfect fit.

Considering this, many of the schools and other educational institutions hire at least one counselor to help their students. However, one counsellor per school, college, or institute is much lesser than what is needed.

So, this profession only seems to be growing (rapidly) in the coming years.

Salary: Rs. 15000-50000 per month.

  • Veterinarians

Veterinarian, One of the fastest growing careers in india

India has the largest livestock population in the world. In fact, India, Brazil, and China contribute over 60% to the world’s cattle populations. And the contribution of livestock to Indian economy is quite significant.

Besides, India’s pet population is shooting up each year. In 2006, India’s pet population was nearly 7 millions. In 2011, the number reached 10 millions. Which indicates that on an average 6 lakh pets are adopted every year.

According to Euromonitor International, an international market research firm, the domestic product market of Indian pets is likely to grow at a rate of 10-15 % in the coming years.

India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF), reports various reasons for the proliferating pets population. Increasing disposable income and delaying family planning are some of them.

So, there is clearly going to be a huge demand for veterinarians in the country.

Salary: 25000-70000 per month.

  • Dieticians


These days, everybody is growing conscious about health and looks. People not only want to live longer. But they also want to stay younger for as long as possible.

A healthy routine, good habits and a balanced diet is the way to a happy life. And a nutritionist or dietitian is the person who can tell you the exact diet you should take, considering your body type and medical history.

As people are switching to a better lifestyle. There is going to be a huge demand for nutritionists in the coming future. And as this is an off-beat career option– the supply is yet quite limited.

Career as nutritionist

Source: Hindustantimes

So, if you have all that it takes to become a dietician and a will to beautify people’s lives- this career option has a lot to offer.

Salary: 20000-50000 per month.

  • Interior Designing Jobs

Interior Designing, fastest growing occupation india

Interior designing- the business of beautifying the interiors of houses, hotels, offices, and other such settings.

Though it might not seem so, interior designing requires more than just a good sense of decorating.

These days, people pay attention to each detail of their house. They want their house to look beautiful. But, they want the style to be unique and personalized.

And this is why an interior designer needs to be an effective communicator. A lot of clients are very particular about their requirements. They are not ready to compromise at all. Because, of course, they are sparing a good amount of money.

Understanding the client’s requirements and executing it might be more difficult than it seems. However, if a person has the required passion, experience, and knowledge, things can be really smooth.

Salary: 25000-55000 per month.

  • Event Management Jobs

Event Management

Event management is one of the fastest growing career options in India. From small personal events like birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement ceremonies to a Sunburn concert. Event managers are needed everywhere.

People, these days, have busy schedules. Taking out time for even their most special functions isn’t easy. But, even then, they do not want to compromise. They want their functions to be grand and perfect.

This new trend has increased demand for event managers or planners in the country.

The key skills for becoming a successful event manager are: creativity, budgeting, management skills, ability to handle work pressure and adapt to the advancements, communication skills, negotiation skills, and problem solving skills.

Volunteering or interning with well established companies is a great way to start your career in event management.

Salary: 15000-80000 per month.

  • Physiotherapists


Physiotherapists heal physical disabilities caused by accidents or diseases with the help of exercises. Physiotherapy is that branch of medicine that can help a paralysed person gain back his physical strength.

Sometimes, physiotherapists also help people recover from major injuries which could require surgery.

With the proliferation of hospitals- in both public and private sector, it is evident that the demand for qualified physiotherapists is going to hike. Over time, the profession has undergone many developments. Today, physiotherapists are needed in a variety of medical departments- paediatrics, outpatients, elder health, and also mental health.

Also, the proliferation of sports industry has put this career option among the top growing careers in India.

Salary: 15000-55000 per month

  • Homoeopaths

Let’s hear this interesting talk by Dr. Aavishkar Zagday about the future of Homoeopathy in India.

Allopathy has been ruling the world of medicines for really long. And even now, there are rarely any alternatives when it comes to dealing with emergencies.

However, considering that allopathy is expensive and has side effects, people have started looking for alternatives.

And that is where homoeopathy has emerged. Homoeopathy is cheaper and it hardly has any side effects.

Salary: Rs. 25000-50000 per month

  • Banking Jobs

Banking Jobs

As per The Economic Times report, ‘Indian banking sector is expected to become the world’s third biggest in the next decade.’

The report also expects private banks in the country to grow more rapidly than now.

Another 2014 report by The Hindu Business Line states three key points that point towards massive expansion in banking sector.

New Banking licences. Government’s plans to expand banking services to rural areas. And, the fact that nearly half of the public sector banks’ workforce is going to retire in next few years.

So, if you are interested in working in the financial sector, start prepare for IBPS banking exams. Or try cracking the interview for a private sector bank.

Salary: Rs. 15000-150000 per month

  • Actuarial Science Jobs

Actuarial Science Jobs

Actuaries study the Maths and Science of insurance. They use their knowledge to assess risk, estimate insurance premiums, value assets and liabilities, etc.

With the advent of globalization, the profession is one of the fastest growing occupations- not only in India but also across the world.

KPO’s, banks, insurance companies, consultancies, pension funds and other such financial institutions are the key employers.

If you are a Maths lover, actuaries can be a right fit profession for you.

To become an actuary, one needs to clear a series of exams. Becoming an actuary entails a lot of patience, perseverance, and hard work.

However, the returns make the entire process worth it.

With experience, an actuary can easily make around 9-10 lakh per annum.

Here’s all you need to know about the profession of actuaries.

  • Jobs In The field of Spa Management

Jobs In The field of Spa Management, fastest growing jobs

The future of Spa Management in the country is bright and shiny. Spas not only heal but also beautify people.

Constant stress in both personal and professional lives. Fierce competition. The desire to stay healthy, young, and beautiful- for as long as possible.

And the attitude to find all what is mentioned above in the most natural way.

All these things are a reason behind the sprouting of various Spas- all across the country. And this trend doesn’t seem to dwindle anytime soon.

So, if you are interested in healing and beautifying other humans, you can find varied job opportunities in Spa Management.

Salary: Rs. 15000- 35000 per month.

Note: Salary figures have been taken from Payscale.com.

Image Source: Stocksnap & Unsplash

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