Germany Student Visa Information

Visa Description

When a student is accepted at any German University, it is advisable for them to apply for a student visa in person for at least three months in advance before going to Germany. All the required documents and application will be send to the Immigration Office (Ausländeramt) where the candidate will further study. After the application gets accepted by the Immigration Office, the authorities will issue a residence permit for the applicants in the form of visa. The candidates are required to register upon their first arrival in Germany.

Documentation required

  • Complete application form
  • Valid Passport along with two photographs**
  • A Detailed Letter of Admission
  • A transcript of the academic record
  • Proof that the candidate have sufficient funds to support themselves while living in Germany
  • Declaration of the authenticity or validity of the documents submitted
  • The students will also require to provide photocopies of all these documents, get proper insurance and pay a fee of 60 Euros for the visa.
  • **Passport Requirements - The students should have a passport that meets the following requirements before applying for a German visa.

  • The validity of the passport has to extend the duration of the visa that the students are applying for, by at least three months.
  • It should comprise of at least two blank pages;
  • It must necessarily be issued within the previous 10 years. If the passport has been issued before the prescribed date, it can not be accepted. This even applies in cases where the validity has been extended by the authorities of their home country.
  • If an applicant's passport does not meet all of these requirements mentioned above, the student will need to acquire a new passport before applying for a visa.

Cost of the Visa

The fees for all types of visa application is 60 Euro. But in many cases, the applicants need not pay for a visa or can get a visa at a reduced cost.

Fee Waivers

For the Schengen visa, the students are exempt from paying the visa fee despite the nationality if they fall in any one of the following categories:

children under six years of age School students, undergraduates, postgraduates and escorting teaching staff who organizes trips for the study purpose or educational training. Representatives of non-profit organizations, who are 25 years of age or less involved in various seminars, conferences or other sports, cultural activities or educational events. Researchers from third countries, who are traveling inside the European Community for the purpose of carrying out scientific research.

For National Visas

The foreigners are receiving a scholarship from public funds while they are staying in Germany, along with their spouse or partner and minor children as long as the funding covers them. Visa application fees are waived for the partners, spouses, minor individual children of German residentiary and parents of minor German citizens as well as the family members of EU/EEA nationals.

Reduced Fees

The agreements of visa facilitation with Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kosova and Georgia proposes a fee of 35 Euro for a Schengen visa globally and various waivers of this visa fee (for example a visit to the applicant's relatives). A reduced fee of 35 Euro for allowing a Schengen visa applies for children between 6 and 12 years of age. For national visas, the fee for minors is half of the regular rate.

Student Insurance

An applicant should always remember that it is obligatory to get a health insurance for a student visa and be entitled to study in Germany by their host University and the respective authorities.

The best health insurance provider for the foreign applicants is MAWISTA, along with several years of experience in the industry. They are the leading insurance providers and are mostly recommended by the universities in Germany. It is exemplary for the international languages, students who are in different internships or are seeking a job after graduation. The Tarif Mawista Student Classic is a perfect choice and not very exorbitant for this kind of visa insurance.

Application Process

  1. Prepare a visa application - The initial step of the visa application process is to check an appropriate visa type on the official website. The applicant should thoroughly review the visa application fees and all the related documents that are required. The application form should be completed and signed along with all the requisite documents attached with it before applying.
  2. Make an appointment - The applicant has to book an appointment before they can go to the Application Center to submit their documents for a German VISA. All the visa applications are accepted only if the applicant have made a prior appointment.
  3. Visiting the application center - When the candidate visits the application center, their appointment letter will be verified, and they will be issued a token. The students are advised to be on time because the Embassy may not be able to process the visa request if the candidate is late for more than 10 minutes.
  4. Visa application submission - The process for submission takes 10 minutes to complete. The related documents and visa application form will be minutely checked and verified. The applicant should make sure that:
    • All their documents are arranged in the order as mentioned on the checklist.
    • The application form should be completed and signed.
    • The applicant can be asked to collect another token if the application form is half-done or incomplete, documents are not arranged in the required order, or the candidate have not provided all the necessary photocopies of documents.
    • If the application is complete, then the passport, application form and documents will be held temporarily by the application center.

    Note that the applicant can not take the passport with them during the application process, If, by any chance, the student has to take their passport for whatever reason, their application will be cancelled, and they will need to re-apply.

  5. Entering of application information - Once the application is verified, the information of the relative application forms is entered into the online system of the German consulate, and the applicant will receive a printed copy of the application. This process takes about 10-15 minutes. After the candidate gets the printed form, they should make sure that all the information and details in the form are duly verified, correct and then they can sign the form.
  6. Note- The application forms for minors (students up to 18 years) have to be signed by both parents. Once the candidate pays for their visa, they will be issued a receipt which will help them collect their processed application.

  7. Biometric data collection - The final step in the application process for a Germany student visa will be the collection of the data. Once the application process is finished, all the requisite biometrics will be assembled using a quick procedure that captures a 10-digit fingerprint scan with a digital finger scanner. It will take 7-8 minutes per candidate.
  8. Once all these steps are completed, the visa application process is entirely finished. The application will be sent to the consulate on the next working date for the processing.

Where to apply for the Visa Application

The Germany Embassy and Consulates in India are located at the following addresses:

  • New Delhi - German Embassy

    • Address - No. 6/50G, Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021
    • Phone - (0091-11) 44199 199
    • Postal address: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, P.O. Box 613, New Delhi 110001, India.
  • Mumbai - German Consulate General

    • Address - Hoechst House, 10th Floor, 193 Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021.
    • Phone - +91 22 2283 2422 / 2283 2517
  • Chennai - German Consulate - General

    • Address - No.9, Boat Club Road, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai 600028, Tamil Nadu, India.
    • Phone - +91-44-2430 1600
  • Kolkata - Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany

    • Address - 1 Hastings Park Road, Alipore, Kolkata 700027
    • Phone - +91-(0)33-2479 1142/ 2479 2150/ 2439 8906
  • Bengaluru - German Consulate General

    • Address - 2nd and 3rd floor - Cash Pharmacy Building, Corner St. Mark’s Road & Residency Road, Bengaluru 560025
    • Phone - +91-80-45 300 100