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Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana, North Delhi, Delhi - 110042


Affiliated to Govt. of NCT of Delhi

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Suhail Gupta

Suhail Gupta

2017 Batch

Aug 28, 2016


DTU's 160+ acres is a land of opportunity if you know where to look and what to do. The campus itself is large, beautiful and on some days pleasant enough to simply lie down on the grass and enjoy. The rooms are spacious, but can differ in quality; the library is huge, although silence isn't really maintained; and the auditorium is just one step short of world-class.

I can't speak much about the hostels as a day-scholar, but nobody I know has really significant issues with mess food and hostel space (both are better than jails and sometimes worth going to, which means better than most), although girls will have a lot of issues with the rules imposed on them in their hostels. As a day scholar I can, however, assure you that daily commute will be a big headache to this northernmost point on the Delhi map, ranging from mildly annoying (if you're driving in a car from Pitampura or Rohini) to absolutely undoable (Gurgaon, which may as well be Meerut in this case.)

There is however no shortage of things to do once you're in campus; other than studying (which almost no one on campus takes seriously, including some professors), there is a plethora of societies and events happening every week, and it is extremely easy to find something that suits your hobbies or interests, be it sports, debates, robotics, coding, or anything in between. The experience can be overwhelming for a fresher at first, with another society in every corner, but all opportunities are not meant to be taken, and it is wise to spend your time only in the societies that will benefit you.

DTU isn't an unknown name in India either; if you've worked hard (which here means if you've worked at all), 10 lakh+ placements are easily obtainable, and the reputation of you being in DTU is synonymous with you wearing an "I am intelligent" badge. Beware though; your experience with the actual education (and to an extent, placements) will vary wildly depending on the branch you're in. DTU will be a cakewalk for someone in Electronics or Computers, and a suicide-inducing hell for people in branches like Electrical. And the faculty is not the best; in fact, outside of a few gems of teachers, the general standard of teachers is abysmal, grades are impossible to improve without the right amount of flattery, and the admin is laughably lazy. Get in touch with your seniors as quickly as possible, and learn the tricks of the trade or your experience in college can deteriorate rapidly. More importantly though, do not join this college simply for the sake of it's name; be very careful about the course you pick, and expect the people who work here for a living to be an unnecessary nuisance regardless - after all, it is one of the best jugaad-producing colleges of the country.

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Shikhar Chauhan

Shikhar Chauhan


May 21, 2016


All that glitters is not gold.

While it is considered a reputed college, it fails to deliver the quality to the students.

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