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  • Systems Biology: Where Computer Science, Engineering and Biology Meet

    Systems Biology: Where Computer Science, Engineering and Biology Meet

    Amid the most recent decade a completely new way to deal with biology has risen up out of the joint effort of customary scientists with those prepared in Computer Science.

  • Bridge between Computer Science and Biology

    Bridge between Computer Science and Biology

    Explore the connection between biology and geometry, focusing on theoretical and algorithmic developments

  • The mind-bending world of quantum computing

    The mind-bending world of quantum computing

    Harnessing and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum mechanics to process information

  • Feynman's Shadow

    Feynman's Shadow

    Fundamental limits on what can efficiently be computed in the physical world.

  • Think Computer Science

    Think Computer Science

     Some of the most important ideas in computer science which are helping to drive the digital revolution.

  • IISc


    Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

     know more about this place and Learn why IISc publishes most of India’s Research papers.

  • Life at IIT

    Life at IIT

    Life at IIT Madras Department of Computer Science and Engineering

  • Let's talk about choices!

    Let's talk about choices!

    Those who are interested in pursuing higher education after bachelor’s have vast choices like MSc in data mining, artificial intelligence, distribution system, computer design, human-computer interaction, visual computing, software development, robot designing etc...


  • What if I stay at home ?

    What if I stay at home ?

    There are many universities in India and abroad to get enrolled for computer science courses and obtain the degree. Apart from these regular courses, many universities offer distance education courses for computer science. 

  • Foundation of CS

    Foundation of CS

    The early foundations of what would become computer science predate the invention of the modern digital computer. Go ahead and expand your Knowledge on computer science?.

  • How useful is formal education in Computer-Science?

    A college degree `in software engineering will show you to peruse papers about software engineering. What a graduate degree will show you is all that much ward upon your proposition theme.

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  • What are currently the hottest topics of research in Computer Science?

    Advanced Security is one of that. The same number of designer working for good aim, there are heaps of goon who are attempting to take information. So Digital security is greatest worry in IT industry.

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  • What in summarized detail is computer Science?

    PCs largely affect present day society, so there are a plenty of political, legitimate and social issues that should be considered.

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  • Is a hacker more likely to be a Computer Engineering or Computer Science major?

    Along these lines, the main thing you have to know is, whether you like critical thinking, similar to the one you presumably did in your arithmetic at school, you are for CSE. It doesn't mean you must be a specialist in arithmetic.

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  • What excites you about the future of machine learning?

     Machine learning is an extremely fascinating thing to learn particularly when you can really make something all alone and make it work.

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