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Reality of a Computer

Computer science has grown well beyond its purely theoretical roots. We invented real computers, which are not theoretical devices. In doing so, we had to deal with the complicated and messy reality of designing, implementing, using and programming computers.  

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Fundamental CS

Some of the most exciting research and professional opportunities arise on the border between Computer Science and other scientific fields. Biology, Environmental Science, and Healthcare are just a few examples of fields in which fundamental computational problems are emerging.

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CS and Mathematics

Computer science originated within mathematics, mainly through mathematical logic, and through electrical engineering with the use of Boolean algebra and switching theory to describe electronic circuitry. Conversely, computer science has strongly influenced mathematics. In some cases, computers have been used to help prove theorems.  

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CS - Nexus

The main benefit of collaborating with people with other areas of expertise is the compulsion of viewing a problem from a different perspective; this usually increases the understanding of the issues at hand and the understanding of our understanding, which is, more often than not, a good thing.

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CS and Cognitive Science

In the next age of computing which we at IBM are calling the era of cognitive systems hardware and software will gain amazing new human brain-like capabilities to learn, adapt and sense that will fundamentally improve the way people live, work and interact with each other.

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What computer gave us?

How should we use automation, how should we use the computer to complement human expertise, to offset the weaknesses and flaws in human thinking and behavior, and also ensure that we get the most out of our expertise by pushing ourselves to ever higher levels?

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How computers have changed our lives

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Computer Assistance

So computer-assisted proofs are, arguably, computer-generated explanations of mathematical theorems.

Similarly, in computer translation the statistical models provide circumstantial explanations of translations.

Thus, we can view both statistical translation and computer-assisted proofs as instances of a much more general phenomenon: the rise of computer-assisted explanation

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Intelligent Robotics

 The vanguard of intelligent robotics are droids that let humans do tasks that require creative thought or fine manipulation, and fill in the organization and heavy lifting where needed.

Researchers are getting better at teaching robots how to read the syntax of human movement, so they can work more closely on more complicated projects.

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Shortage of funds IN CS research

 Many researchers are concerned about flat or declining research budgets in computer science and engineering. Although the research community is right to be concerned about the shortage of funds,

they should also be concerned about the shortage of scientists and engineers that are willing to serve in governments to address this challenge. Computer scientists and engineers can have a huge impact on the future of the field and the future.

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In the past 30 years computer science was concerned with making computers useful: developing programming languages, compilers, operating systems, databases and so on.

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Computer science Curriculum and Opportunities

Teachers ,schools, parents, and industry must act on multiple fronts to address student readiness, expand access to computer science curriculum and opportunities, and help foster interest in computer science to ensure that it becomes a core component of every child's education.

Even though computer science skills are becoming increasingly important in the competitive global economy, there are some significant roadblocks that prevent schools from incorporating computer science into the curriculum and exposing more students to the subject.

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The theory of computing research

We find that theory of computing is a vibrant and exciting discipline of essential importance, about which we will demonstrate the following major points: Fundamental discoveries by theoreticians shape computer science dramatically. Resources invested in the theory of computing research yield significantly multiplied practical benefits. Current and future technology depends on research by theoreticians and on collaborative projects that involve both theoreticians and practitioners.

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Computer Technology Architecture

Some challenges facing computer science in the 21st century are presented. It is quite risky to foresee the long-term future and pose the correct list of problems for the

science that is only 60 years old. Nevertheless, it is very important to realize what has been achieved so far, and which problems are expected or is important to be solved in the near future. With this in mind, we present problems facing computer technology,

architecture, distributed and parallel computing, programming paradigms, computational models and complexity, models of uncertainty, and artificial intelligence. 

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Cs and why females should be a part of it.

I would say the women of today and the younger women of today are in a really good place where we're seeing coding starting to come into schools and it being more normalized and tech being cool.

So I would say to the women of today and younger women that tech is accessible. Whatever you have in terms of your personality traits and your skills is valued in tech and you can find a home in tech.

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  • How useful is formal education in Computer-Science?

    A college degree `in software engineering will show you to peruse papers about software engineering. What a graduate degree will show you is all that much ward upon your proposition theme.

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  • What are currently the hottest topics of research in Computer Science?

    Advanced Security is one of that. The same number of designer working for good aim, there are heaps of goon who are attempting to take information. So Digital security is greatest worry in IT industry.

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  • What in summarized detail is computer Science?

    PCs largely affect present day society, so there are a plenty of political, legitimate and social issues that should be considered.

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  • Is a hacker more likely to be a Computer Engineering or Computer Science major?

    Along these lines, the main thing you have to know is, whether you like critical thinking, similar to the one you presumably did in your arithmetic at school, you are for CSE. It doesn't mean you must be a specialist in arithmetic.

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  • What excites you about the future of machine learning?

     Machine learning is an extremely fascinating thing to learn particularly when you can really make something all alone and make it work.

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