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The field that is concerned with using computers to do just about everything. India is the largest destination for the Information Technology Industry. As all the other fields embrace technology, India’s progress shall become increasingly dependent on this field and the young bring minds who fuel the future!










  • Systems Biology: Where Computer Science, Engineering and Biology Meet

    Systems Biology: Where Computer Science, Engineering and Biology Meet

    Amid the most recent decade a completely new way to deal with biology has risen up out of the joint effort of customary scientists with those prepared in Computer Science.

  • Bridge between Computer Science and Biology

    Bridge between Computer Science and Biology

    Explore the connection between biology and geometry, focusing on theoretical and algorithmic developments

  • The mind-bending world of quantum computing

    The mind-bending world of quantum computing

    Harnessing and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum mechanics to process information

  • Feynman's Shadow

    Feynman's Shadow

    Fundamental limits on what can efficiently be computed in the physical world.

  • Think Computer Science

    Think Computer Science

     Some of the most important ideas in computer science which are helping to drive the digital revolution.

  • IISc


    Indian Institute of Science (IISc)

     know more about this place and Learn why IISc publishes most of India’s Research papers.

Reality of a Computer

Computer science has grown well beyond its purely theoretical roots. We invented real computers, which are not theoretical devices. In doing so, we had to deal with the complicated and messy reality of designing, implementing, using and programming computers.  

Fundamental CS

Some of the most exciting research and professional opportunities arise on the border between Computer Science and other scientific fields. Biology, Environmental Science, and Healthcare are just a few examples of fields in which fundamental computational problems are emerging.

CS and Mathematics

Computer science originated within mathematics, mainly through mathematical logic, and through electrical engineering with the use of Boolean algebra and switching theory to describe electronic circuitry. Conversely, computer science has strongly influenced mathematics. In some cases, computers have been used to help prove theorems.  

CS - Nexus

The main benefit of collaborating with people with other areas of expertise is the compulsion of viewing a problem from a different perspective; this usually increases the understanding of the issues at hand and the understanding of our understanding, which is, more often than not, a good thing.

CS and Cognitive Science

In the next age of computing which we at IBM are calling the era of cognitive systems hardware and software will gain amazing new human brain-like capabilities to learn, adapt and sense that will fundamentally improve the way people live, work and interact with each other.

What computer gave us?

How should we use automation, how should we use the computer to complement human expertise, to offset the weaknesses and flaws in human thinking and behavior, and also ensure that we get the most out of our expertise by pushing ourselves to ever higher levels?