About Us

At Edunuts, we are trying to help you take informed and sensible career decisions. While a right career decision can make everything else fall into place, an uninformed one can waste a lot of your precious money, time, and efforts. And we don’t want you to waste even a bit of your valuable resources.

So here’s how we help you take a wise career decision:

  • We provide you every relevant detail regarding your favourite college- from fee structure to facilities to notable alumni.
  • Edunuts is where you will find the most authentic reviews for any college, institute, home tutor and university.
  • We let you browse for nearby coaching institutes and tutors.
And wait. That is not all.

We have a dedicated blog, called Edunuts Edge, that offers interesting insights into leading careers. It keeps you updated with all the latest career trends. Our blog is the best place for you to find some exclusively clever career advice.

All we wish is you to have A Happy Career, A Ferrari & A Zillion Dollars *wow* :)